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4 sao trên tổng 56 đánh giá
11 Nov 2019 tại 8:35 The pappaya salad was inappropriately packaged and sitting in liquid. Thus, was limp and soggy. The curry was super greasy. Both my partner and I thought it was gross. On a good note, delivery time was quick.
9 Nov 2018 tại 8:58 Quick deliver and taste is good! Coconut soup is Not too spicy(I don’t like too spicy ) so I enjoyed it very much !
25 Jun 2018 tại 19:04 Steamed squid was DELICIOUS lemon sauce very tasty.
7 May 2018 tại 13:21 My tom kha was great, but my partners noodles had rotten vegetables and made him very sick!!
21 Mar 2018 tại 6:33 We ordered the pad Thai. The tofu was very dry.
5 Sep 2017 tại 14:45 Nice food with well packed!
9 Jun 2017 tại 12:44 Sticky rice is not really sticky. And how can I eat without spoon and folk????
25 May 2017 tại 11:18 Good foods, on time, but how can I eat without spoon and folk?
1 May 2017 tại 21:44 The food was delicious however the portions were a lot larger than we anticipated. Appreciated if they'd tell us the size of each dish before hand. The delivery of the food came early which was great :). The food did spill a bit but not a concern!
21 Apr 2017 tại 8:24 I ordered from here twice and it's really good. Generous portions and well packed. I will definitely order again!
10 Mar 2017 tại 10:13 High prices for vegetables which have nothing special
22 Jul 2016 tại 12:57 I asked you to deliver to my place at 8:30pm. but in the end, you came to my place before 8pm. I wasn't at home and a staff in my residence paid it instead of me. what's the point of asking customers the delivery time?